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We would be happy to send you a FREE sample wristband with your school details to peruse with colleagues, please email with your details for the wristband, our design team will send a wristband in the post to you, we have No minimum order on wristbands.

School wristbands are an essential part of a school trip, in the instance of a child becoming separated from the school group a wristband can feature contact information for the responsible staff on the trip.

The wristbands are vinyl and are available in a number of colours, the bands have a 'peel off' sticky area to securely attach to a child's wrist or ankle. The writing appears upon the label in Black, the wristband is tamperproof and cannot be altered once printed ensuring security.

Here are a few various examples of what to consider upon your school wristbands.

School logo/badge, school name, address, office contact number, onsite contact number, date of trip, place of trip, we can customise the labels to your exact requirements.

FIRST AID Wristbands

Your child has received FiRST AID at school today, please refer to the letter in their bag, for further information please contact the school office on 01234 567890

The cost is 20p per White wristband, 30p per coloured wristband with no set up fee and no minimum order.


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